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Journey to a Dream – Research Resources

As I mentioned in the previous post, it’s important to do research so you are not only prepared for the interview, but also what comes afterwards. This will be edited whenever I find another link 😀

Here are general links to check out.

  • First! There is, of course, the company website (Emirates Group Careers). It contains the general info that you should look through, such as the requirements, the job overview, benefits, FAQs, & an overview of the company. This is also where you can check out when they have ADs/ODs as well as where you apply.
  • Another great website to check out and join (especially if you have questions) if you have questions is the forum cabincrew.com. Here you can meet people who are also trying to become cabin crew as well as people who can answer your question if I can’t.
  • Google !!! I mean this goes without saying. Google is a friend. Google is the person who helps you out in jams.
  • YouTube!! Yes, watch YT vids.
  • Pinterest. Emirates tells you what they expect you to wear for the ADs (Dress Code – Business Attire: Ladies – Knee length skirt /dress with skin colored stockings. Men – Suit & Tie). If you need ideas for the interview, Pinterest is such a fabulous place to look for fashion help but also makeup help. (also food but that’s another story)
  • Instagram!! I love looking through the tags on instagram.
  • Facebook!! There’s this FB group (EmiratesAIPstatus) but this is really for the later stages.

& now, more specifics! – blogs

other media

pages about Dubai and accommodations (because why not look into your future home)

  • Google maps/street view because why not look at the city. Do not forget to look outside downtown area because Emirates has housing all over Dubai, so be prepared by looking around.
  • This YT search for the emirates accommodation. There are several videos, including a video of the accommodation in Sarab which I implore you to look at because not everyone is going to get into those fancy buildings in downtown.

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